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Two face contacts stops the match.

All calls must be made by majority of judges.


Interference with officials by competitor, coach, spectators, parents, or others will cause their competitor to be AUTOMATICALY DISQUALIFIED .

Immediate blood : Automatic DQ for match not division. (Must see contact that caused blood)

Other than immediate blood : match will end and go to scorecard. If tied blood wins. If match is over and /or division has resumed there will be no change.

No face contact:   EXCEPT 18-19 BROWN AND ABOVE. (Light: cannot rock the head) Intentional or accidental face contact will be foul. Two (2) face contacts will stop match and go to scorecard. If tied the fouled party will be declared winner.

Legal Targets : Padded areas of the head. Sides, back, NOT TOP. Front of torso from below neck to above belt and from seam to seam, ribs, chest, sides, and abdomen. *(Groin)? May be voted on *

Fouls: all fouls by majority call. 1point each. Severe is DQ. No grabbing, except for Gi Top with immediate (2 sec) follow up to a legal target. No blind techniques. No down fighting No Spine, joints, neck, throat, legs, or knees attacked. No face, below 18-19 Brown and Black belts. *  * No targets below the belt. *

NOT Targets (not point) : Top of the head is NOT a target. Frontal pad, Back, kidneys, backside, hips, collarbone, shoulders, arms, or feet.

COACHING: Coaching is a luxury that most competitors do not have access to. Therefore, It sometimes can become an unfair advantage over a competitor who does not have coaching. Both competitors must have a coach else "no coaching rule" will apply unless the coach has purchased a coaching pass.

Official’s rulings: The director will uphold judgment calls. If discussion of a call is needed, the officials of that ring may call the director, or his appointed designate. Decisions may not be changed after bowing out, unless error in scorecard is certain.

WARNINGS AND PENALTIES: Un-sportsmanlike Conduct: By competitor or anyone in his/her behalf will receive one (1) warning second offense will be DQ for his/her competitor. Blood: Blood must be contained before continue. Injury: If, in the opinion of the majority judges and/or the medical personnel, a competitor cannot continue because of an injury caused by an attack executed by his/her competitor, the offending competitor shall be disqualified.

Other Causes for Penalization: Self Endangerment, attacking illegal and non-target areas, using illegal techniques, running out of the ring to avoid fighting, falling to the floor to avoid fighting, continuing after being ordered to stop, excessive stalling, blind, negligent or reckless attacks, uncontrolled techniques, excessive contact, and delay of time are examples of possible penalization.

Official calls: Penalty - The judge points downward below waist-level, with flatten hand, and extended arm in the direction of the offending competitor. Point: The judge points above the shoulder, with flatten hand, and extended arm in the direction of the competitor receiving point award. Face: The judge points above the shoulder, with flatten hand, and extended arm in the direction of the competitor receiving point award and holds clenched fist to face on the side of the offender.

Disqualification: Requires a majority vote by all officials.

Judges: Judge selection may consist of different schools, different styles, where possible, so as to maintain a high degree of competition. Judges that need to be excused from a ring will offer a replacement Judge. Sparring:  Judges that have students in his/her sparring ring may elect to bow out during his student’s match.

Scoring: Sparring: 1 point per technique, 5 point spread, 2 minute rounds Tie: first CLEAN point wins.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: head, hand, feet, mouth, and groin protection shall be worn. Head Gear: The front, sides and back of the head must be covered by a soft padded surface. Hand Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the fingers, wrist and any striking surface of the hand. Foot Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the instep, sides, toes, ankle and back of the heel of the foot. Mouthpiece:  properly fitted Groin cups: for male competitors. Groin protection: is highly recommended for females.

RECOMMENDED SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Rib/Chest pads: are allowed/recommended for additional safety to all sparring competitors. Shin Pads: Soft foam Martial Art type is recommended for additional safety to all sparring competitors.Forearm: Soft foam Martial Art type is recommended for additional safety to all sparring competitors.

NOT ALLOWED EQUIPMENT: Any unsafe clothing, pads, hair devices, jewelry, or other metal/plastic/wood/natural/manufactured devices considered unsafe is not allowed. Hard soccer or any other hard pads are NOT allowed. Insufficiently padded gloves, foot, and headgear will not be allowed. Bag gloves or other glove types not intended for sparring shall not be used. i.e.: Chuck Norris’ bag gloves (exposed seams). Equipment must be in a safe condition, free of any defects, alterations, or repairs that may cause injury.

Center judge shall check competitors' equipment prior to competition. If deemed, unsafe, he/she will be asked to change the equipment before he/she can compete

ORDER OF COMPETITION: Sparring: Matches should always be selected by random, but certain allowances may be given to competitors from the same school in the first round of competition. They may be separated randomly from each other in the first round if possible. Competitors cannot pick whom they want or do not want to fight. The competitors should be lined up by size (Smallest to the biggest). Once they are lined up by size, make sure competitors from the same school are not standing beside each other, if possible. Where practical line up competitors by height and/or weight to allow the same sized competitors at least in the first round to fight each other. This is to insure spirit and fairness.

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Protest fee is NOT refundable !

Divisions : Sparring: Ages12-13 (B.I.A.) Ages14-15 (B.I.A.) Ages16-17 (B.I.A.) Ages18-19 (B.I.A.BB) Girls divisions will be formed if enough competitors (2 in a Division).